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patUser manages authentication/authorisation and user's data within your site.
patUser is a user management class, that helps you with authentication, group and permission management, statistics and more.
Current Version : v2.2.3
Released : 2003-08-19
Maintainer : Gerd Schaufelberger
Developer(s) : Stephan Schmidt, Gerd Schaufelberger

As patUser was completely reprogrammed with version 2.0 it includes a lot of features that were not available in previous versions:

manage user data in different tables (even different databases on different hosts)

authentication features: display login screen if a user visits a protected page

uses callback-objects to handle authendtication data

automatic password encryption with your own encryption function

provides API to PHP's session management

manage groups

organize users in groups

user and group permission management

automatic generation of statistics

intensive error reporting

emulates browser history

powerful select functions for users

helps you making your application independently from database structure

and a lot of smaller features
Furthermore patUser has switched to PEAR::DB since version 2.2.0. PEAR::DB allows the transparent usage of patUser with other databases than MySQL. In order to ease migriation to new version of patUser we decided to create two brances of patUser: The new versions of patUser (2.2.0 and above) will support PEAR::DB and version 2.1.x is till based on patDbc. So you still can use patUser within older projects - if you start a new project, using using PEAR::DB is recommended. Therefore patUser 2.1.x will not include features of future versions above 2.2.1.
What have we planned for the future
In future versions of patUser we will certainly include a graphical administration interface, that lets you edit, delete or add users, groups and persmissions. Furthermore we will improve existing functionality.

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